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An original and effective approach that combines

–20 years of operational and international HRD experience in corporations, and more specifically in the B to C world, which allow for both a quick understanding of the different issues at stake and an ability to provide innovative organizational solutions to business challenges

–An ability to be a true partner for reflection and implementation

–A methodology, the practice of Will Schutz’ Human Element® which provides a comprehensive approach for organizational transformation for business leaders and

  • Creates organizational solutions & results
  • Creates lasting organizational transformation

Our added value

-Understand and include your business challenges for a tailor-made approach to your challenges

-Innovative solutions to your transformation challenges

-International experience and outlook

-B to C expertise

-A 360 ° vision of the HR function

-Motivating energy dedicated to your projects

-A hands-on and pragmatic approach


Jessica FRANCK
Jessica FRANCK

Jessica Franck has more than 20 years of 360 ° experience in Human Resources, both in expertise and in HRD roles.

Multi-cultural and multi-lingual, her experience was built in international brand environments, first in the pharmaceutical and hospitality industries, and then in the LVMH Group in HRD roles, member of management committees.

She created her own consulting business early 2016, SKILT. Her fields of expertise today are those of organization and people development, collective performance, and issues of corporate culture in contexts of change or growth. Her approach to organizations includes the Human Element of Will Schutz, from which she has been certified since 2017 (LHEP ™).

She is also involved voluntarily in several initiatives, including the female mentoring of Sciences Po Paris and the administration of the Friends of the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris.

Sciences Po Paris and Law graduate (University of Paris II)

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Propositions & services

Target organizations
and associated talents

  • > Analysis and evaluation of the relevance and performance of the organizational structure and operating model in the light of the strategic ambition and key objectives
  • > Assessment of competencies and identification of development needs and skills
  • > Design of new organizational and operating models (processes, decision-making, cross-functional cooperation, compensation & benefits policies, etc.)
  • > Development of the HR teams’ competencies
  • > Human Element® systemic approach


and evolution of the managerial culture

    • > Guidance for a major change (merger, acquisition, change of organization, growth) and identification of the different HR issues
    • > Alignment of teams and managerial culture to the new project

– Identify points of change and their impact on the operating model, decision making process and team interactions
– Gap analysis and definition of key priorities
– Working together with the teams on the project implementation

    • > Cultural and managerial transformation

– Design and development of an approach for rallying and motivating employees
– Identify the managerial trainings needed to implement change

  • > Internal communication and design of the employer branding platform

Collective performance

    • > Bring the the transformation project to life working alongside the HR teams

– Design and implementation of the methodology

– Following-up on key milestones

    • > Improve organizational and team performance: support the human side of change to allow organizational and technical changes.

– Human Element® Systemic approach

  • > Individual and collective development of leadership teams and talents

Nos références clients

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(Français) Air France
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(Français) We fill a gap in the advanced contemporary market for effortless, easy-to-wear pieces that women instinctively reach for, day in, day out.

Galerie Lafayette
Galerie Lafayette
BPI France
BPI France
Christian  Dior Couture
Christian Dior Couture

« Her hands-on human resources experience in corporate environments combined with that of consultant gives her a global vision of both HR and management issues and is a real asset for us. »

Karin Raguin, VP Talent Development, Christian Dior Couture

Parfums Christian Dior
Parfums Christian Dior

« Her HR experience in international branded environments enabled her to quickly audit the organization and project it at 5 years. She made the senior management teams work on the subject and proposed realistic, economically efficient and acceptable organizational assumptions.
Her added value was instrumental to the project, in particular thanks to her knowledge of the fashion and distribution businesses, of the HR development processes and issues combined with her international culture.
The work sequences with the Management teams have been particularly effective and enlightening. Jessica Franck played a key role and contributed to their success. »

Céline Choain, Senior Partner, Kéa




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Education, health, food, water, transportation, energy, work, transparency and security : we are dedicated to the subjects that conciliate an urgent need to act and a meaningful technological response.

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